Who we are

Who we are


The founders have extensive experience from the international energy industry and complex field operations.

Kristian Mikalsen

Kristian Mikalsen has long experience with building companies and business units. Recently, he was leading the start-up of the new subsea unit within NOV (prev. National Oilwell Varco), where the unit made the first profits after only three years. The business unit was selling complex subsea technology to the global energy market. He is also the co-inventor for several patents concerning both subsea control systems and Ammonia (Hydrogen) storage. Before this he was running the sales and tender department for subsea pipeline components in Aker Solutions, which was one of the highest profit makers within the company.


In addition to this he was also part of building up the Greencarrier business in Norway and the Nordics. This was in the early 2000’s and the products were shipping and logistical services, where the company also made profits after only three years of operation. In total he has more than 15 years of experience from the international logistics and energy industry (from NOV, Aker Solutions, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and Greencarrier). The last ten years has been within renewables and offshore Oil & Gas, holding several leadership positions. He has an engineering degree in addition to education within economics and shipping.

“When building new companies, it is important to understand the complexity of the technical solutions and work hard to make them commercially competitive. To succeed in the international environment, it is crucial to build a strong business case and fully understand the market. I strongly believe in providing sustainable and standardized solutions for all small-scale energy projects moving forward. The Paris agreement clearly states that emissions from all fossil fuels must be drastically reduced for every year to come. This means that we have to reduce CO2 also for the smaller power sources. The global market is several billion USD per year, which gives endless possibilities to tap into.”

  • Kristian Mikalsen


A long track-record in starting profitable companies in several industries in highly competitive markets.

Joakim Traavik Opsahl-Sværen

Joakim Opsahl-Svaeren has more than twenty-five years of experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces, both Army and Navy. He currently holds the rank of Commander Senior grade. His experience as an officer is varied, and includes field operations at many strategic locations. During his service he was appointed Aide de Camp for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Norway, for more than three years.

His education includes four years at the Norwegian Naval Academy with a Bachelors degree, and two years at Higher Officers Staff School with a Masters Degree.

The last five years he has been working as a Senior Staff Officer at the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency, the Norwegian Defence Staff and the Norwegian Department of Defense. These are crucial institutions for planning operations and converting them into actionable plans.


“By combining year-long experience from excercises and field-operations, I have learned that the performance of the energy systems is important for the safety of the whole operation. It is also important to have a standardized system that is easy to set up quickly by “anyone” with the correct training. Adapting this experience into providing clean power for any type of civil operation is important for the future success of Energy Field Solutions.

I strongly believe in the future market of providing sustainable building blocks for any types of “micro-grid systems”

  • Joakim T. Opsahl-Svaeren